Tuesday, July 10, 2012

1st Philosophical Attempt

Ownership Question of Truth :

Hitherto the “Truth” is not proprietary.   The ownership of the Truth is claimed by many influential dogmas and ideologies.  We have seen notable wars (of words and swords) had happened between the “possessors” of Truth.  Truth cannot be given the status of to be called as “Truth” without two contributory elements or processes, attaining and accepting.  The birth and growth of Truth is based on these ErP (Elements or Processes).  Attainment of Truth in some cases is the contribution of an individual of a particular period or individuals of various epochs. The Truth attained has to be revealed then only it will gain strength to exist. The birth of revelations may be given by “desire” to be revealed.   Not all revealed Truths has the strength of existence but also it requires acceptance to continue to survive and grow.  Acceptance of the “attained” Truth is necessitated either by the crisis of survival (in more philosophical term “existence”) or to achieve geographical dominance.  To put it simple acceptance of any Truth has happened by instinct and conscience.  This instinct driven acceptance is sometimes “natural” (in sociological term) and other times outcome of “existence” (in Biological term).   This acceptance is voluntary. Acceptance by conscience is simply called as politics of the Power. This type of acceptance is created by social conditions in order to consolidate, safeguard and rule.  The role of Power cannot be ignored while thinking about AbC (Acceptance by Conscience).  This type of acceptance is controlled.  If an individual makes public his “attained” Truth, it is called as Revelation (in theological sense). If a group wanted to make public their “attained” Truth it is called as “war” (of words and swords).  Power does not own the Truth, but it claims its ownership by altering the Truth.  Existence of Truth is further strengthened by Power.  So Truth is an illusionary land owned by many. This ownership of Truth has one more process called Validating.   This validating process is otherwise called as war.  The acceptors of particular Truth need to validate their Truth by clashing with the owners of other accepted Truths.  This assures the unchallenged survival of one’s Truth.  Survival of Truth can be achieved by four processes,
1.      Attainment
2.      Acceptance
3.      Conflict or validation
4.      Stagnation
 By silencing the other Truths this stagnation is attained.  After this stagnation nothing but Power will gain the complete ownership of Truth.